TS Operating Services Ltd - about our company.

TS Operating Services Ltd is a family owned telecommunications business with roots dating back to 1976. The business was established to provide telephone systems and services for UK based customers and specialised in British Telecom range products. It subsequently diversified to become a wholesale supplier of telecommunications equipment for sale to the UK and export, with a UK based re-manufacturing facility. Following the "liberalisation" of the UK market the business developed further to provide maintenance services to UK business customers and maintenance support and parts supply chain to other maintainers.

As the business evolved it has continued to supply and maintain "Legacy Products" i.e. equipment considered obsolete but for which demand continued. This is supported by a large spares warehousing facility, which in turn developed a market for "Heritage Products" for specialists and enthusiasts prepared to pay for rare items of equipment.

The "British Telecom" range of equipment and systems includes evergreen products such as: GPT/Siemens ISDX, Realitis and Hi-Path, Mitel SX200, SX2000 and 3300, Nortel Norstar, BCM and Meridian systems and many more.

Our Systems Engineers are skilled and qualified up to the latest manufacturers’ software revisions and also have the CITB Health and Safety qualifications and regularly update their skills.

We also provide Consultancy and Project Management services and being independent from the manufacturers, we can propose solutions best suited to customer requirements, with no commercial bias.

Current Special Projects include:
"Hotel Care" a range of Maintenance Services developed for the Hospitality Industry.
"Schools Integration" connecting existing school telephone systems to Specialised IT Databases.
"Web Reach" providing specialised Internet facilities for remote customers.